Solent Junior School
Awe, Wonder, Discover and Explore! Where in the world will our Geography learning take our Solent pupils?

At Solent, we believe that our pupils should be provided with plenty of opportunities, throughout their entire junior years, to understand and discover the fascinating world around us, extending their knowledge beyond that of their local area but the wider world too- allowing them to discover and explore environments, physical and human features and key aspects of our incredible planet and how they are interconnected to create our ever changing planet.

Through studying Geography, our pupils will be able to fulfil their curiosity thus enabling them to acquire a deeper understanding of the diverse places, people, processes and environments that exist within our world, which they may not otherwise ever encounter or be aware of. Consequently, our pupils will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to ensure they understand that our world is one which is constantly changing and the reasoning behind this- making them conscientious, global citizens and informed geographers.

At Solent Junior, Geography objectives are not only explicitly embedded within some of our termly topics; including ‘Ice, Ice Baby’, ‘Rio and Rivers’ and ‘Nature’s Fury’, but also interwoven through other areas of learning such as ‘The Ancient Egyptians’ where knowledge and skills can be applied and drawn upon to aid their understanding of different subjects. Both physical and human geography aspects are explored, including some of the world’s most significant features, and the impact they have had, may currently have, or could potentially have in the future, are discussed, question and explored.

By the end of Key Stage 2, children will have a secure understanding that they are part of a much wider community that stretches across our planet; that the world around them is a complex and fascinating one which is constantly changing and evolving; impacted not only by physical processes but also the impact humanity can have and the part they play within it too. They will have acquired the geographical skills by which they can confidently and successfully collate, analyse, communicate and interpret a range of sources, in different contexts, to piece together the world as we know it today; providing them with a broad and diverse geographical knowledge and appreciation for our planet Earth.