Solent Junior School
Year 3
Autumn News from Year 3

Welcome to the Autumn issue of the Year 3 newsletter. We hope that you have enjoyed becoming part of the Solent Junior Community and you are looking forward to a wide variety of events and activities throughout the coming year!

We will continue to structure the majority of our learning around our LEARNING UNITS. Some subjects will still be taught discreetly where they do not easily unite into the overall theme. The children will be studying a wide range of subjects through many learning units, beginning with our first two-week minor topic that combines English, Science and Art - ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’ followed by ‘The Stone Age to the Iron Age’ as our first major topic. A curriculum overview can be found HERE.

HOME LEARNING will be set every Tuesday and will be due in on the following Tuesday. It will alternate between Maths and English each week. Once a term, children will be set a creative task to complete in their Learning Logs. The logs will be shared and evaluated by children, celebrating both creativity and effort. In addition to the above, children will be provided with a Reading Record book, which they can bring home, where they will be encouraged to keep track of their daily home reading. Once they have achieved their milestones, pupils will be given an opportunity to celebrate within class. Weekly spelling will also be stapled in to these books every Tuesday.

The children will also have the opportunity to visit the school library each week and select two books of their own choice to read at home.


St Andrews Visit: Friday 11th October

Sandwich Making: Friday 29th November

Your children will be taking part in a short Christmas Carol Concert held at school in December. This is something that we enjoy very much and we look forward to inviting you to attend at the end of the Autumn term!

Christmas Carol Concert: Thursday 5th or Friday 6th of December (two tickets per child)

We look forward to seeing you at our PARENTS’ EVENINGS on Monday 14th October and Thursday 17th October. This will be an opportunity to discuss this initial ‘settling in’ period with your child’s class teacher.  


Residential Trip to Minstead:

3C:       4th – 6th March

3BG:    9th – 11th March

3A:      11th – 13th March


P.E. - The children will have a PE lesson and a Games lesson each week. For reasons of safety and personal hygiene, it is important that they are appropriately dressed for PE activities. For Games, in addition to the required PE kit, we would like the children to have a change of socks and a tracksuit for when the weather turns colder. Dance and Gymnastic activities will take place in the hall and be performed in bare feet. For both Games and PE, earrings need to be removed or covered with plasters or tape (to be supplied from home) and long hair needs to be tied back. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school on a Monday and, if possible, kept in school all week.

  • 3C – Monday and Tuesday
  • 3A – Monday and Friday
  • 3BG –Monday and Friday

CYCLING AND SCOOTING TO SCHOOL - If you and your child cycle or scoot to school and you wish to leave your child’s bike at school please inform the office. All children cycling to school must be accompanied by an adult and must wear a helmet.

PENCIL CASES – Are a Year 6 privilege so if your child has brought one into school this will be returned next week.  They could use the contents for their homework to ensure they still get to use it.  

Years 3 and 4 are not permitted to have MOBILE PHONES in school. 

We are sure that we shall have a happy and successful year; please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have via the office email:

Yours Sincerely

The Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Colarusso, Mrs Andrews and Miss Bugden